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A boy and his family's journey with "picky eating" and feeding disorders

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Tyler Takes a Taste is the story of a happy, busy young boy who loves to move his body: he loves to run, jump, climb, swim and dance! But, he does NOT love to eat!
Written as a "read together" book for parents and children to share, Tyler Takes a Taste follows Tyler and his family on a journey to better nutrition and happier, less stressful meal times. With the help of a feeding specialist, Tyler learns that food and mealtimes don't have to be scary, and food can be fun. Just as importantly, his family learns that Tyler isn't trying to be "stubborn" or "bad", but that being around new foods and trying new things is very hard for him.  Tyler's journey is meant to support both kids and their families as they move toward getting the professional help they need to achieve meals that are both nutritious and bring the family together. 

Many children and their parents will see themselves in Tyler's journey. Parents may want to share Tyler's story with caregivers, medical professionals, and extended family members to promote understanding of "picky eating" and family struggles around mealtimes. 
Clinicians and other treating professionals may choose to use this as a tool to help families understand and support children with feeding disorders, especially those who feel like they are the only one's struggling with this complex challenge.

“I am a special education teacher and teaching for 35 years. I work with high school and transition age students and I know my parents would have loved to have had this book when their children were young.
Any parent who has a child struggling with eating issues should read this book!
I wish this book had been available 21 years ago when my nephew was 4.
My great nephew is now getting support with his eating issues and my cousin is grateful that Barbara has written this book!
I have purchased several copies of this book to share with the speech teachers in my district.
I encourage parents and teachers to take a look at this book!

Thank you Barbara for your work and helping parents know they are not alone.

~ Tara

Tyler Takes a Taste
Tyler Takes a Taste
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